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Photos - Catholic Schools Week 2017

We are stewards of our environment
It is our common home

Our outreach programme which was part of Catholic Schools’ week, was celebrated during the week of the 17th to the 24th of May.

Our Grade 1-3’s visited Old age homes in the community, taking them cupcakes and a handmade card. Each class visited the elderly from Randjieslaagte, Waverley Gardens and the Greek Old age home, singing them songs and having a chat. The elderly were delighted with the visit and extremely touched by the gesture.

Our Gr 4 and 5’s prepared tea and coffee to hand out to our transport/taxi drivers who drop children off early in the morning. They donated muffins and biscuits to be given to the drivers too.

Grade 6 and 7’s donated/made soup and noodles which we packaged in bowls and delivered to the homeless people in surrounding parks.