Maryvale College

Through learning we honour God

Board of Governors

We are stewards of our environment
It is our common home

Dr Richard Hayward: Chairperson

Richard is a retired headmaster of two Gauteng public primary schools. Presently he edits two publications, writes on educational issues and does teacher development workshops.

Sister Janine Coleman

I represent the Catholic Schools Trust (owners) on the board as Trustee.

I served Maryvale College Board since 1995. I attended an Assumption Convent, am member of the Missionary Sisters of the Assumption and taught in Assumption Schools for over 30 years.

Mrs Kirsten Smith, Head of the Primary and Pre-school

I have taught at Maryvale College for the last 19 years, I started as a Gr 6 educator and was promoted to H.O.D in 2005. As the school has grown over the years a Deputy principal position was formed and I was honoured to accept the position in 2014. Due to the head of the primary retiring at the end of 2015 I applied for the position and was privileged to accept the responsibility of head. I have currently been in this position for the last 3 years. Maryvale is a small school and many staff have been at the school for several years, we have formed a very tightly knit community. I regard Maryvale as my home from home. The children we teach are very special and we are extremely fortunate to teach in an environment where God comes first, it enables us to not only teach but ensure that the child is receiving a holistic education.

Currently I teach Geography to the Grade 4 classes and Art to Gr 4 -7’s.

Mr Gamu Katsamba

Mr Gamu Katsamba is the Gr 4 Maths and Gr 5 Science teacher. He handles all the physical education teaching from Gr R- Gr 7. He is very passionate about sport and the opportunity it gives children to realise their potential in other areas of life. He is committed to developing the sport of the school and through his enthusiasm has broadened the children’s experience of sport over the last 6 years of his time at Maryvale.

Juian Manuel Moses

Primary School parent representative.

Julian sits on the board of Softstart Business and Technology Incubator NPC and has been a Chairperson and Member of the Audit Committees in both the Private and the Public Sector. He has also acted as Treasurer for a number of NPO’s who do work in Values in Education (LIVASA) and Education of Adults with Mental Disabilities (Coronationville Care Centre and Workshops).

Laureen Bertin

Laureen Bertin has been a social activist for over four decades and has worked in the non-profit sector in Europe and in South Africa. She has been an independent consultant for the past 15 years, providing communications and governance services to a wide range of clients. Laureen is on the boards of the Johannesburg Junior Council and the SUPEDI Education Trust, and considers it a privilege to serve on the Board of Maryvale College.

Her particular interests are environmental and animal rights, good governance and political accountability, and education.

Laureen holds a BA (English, History & Education), a BA Hons (Development Studies), a diploma as an adult educator obtained in Denmark, and a diploma in business management from Damelin College.